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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Year, Another Move . . .

Wow, another year has come and gone (almost!). Hard to believe, but we have less than a week of 2010 to go and it will be 2011.

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ve yet to come up with anything adequate. The first thing that comes to mind is to make this upcoming move my last . . . EVER . . . but I know better. Even the best laid schemes of mice and men, not to mention my own, often go wrong, so I’d be kidding myself to think this is positively my last move. Still it would be nice . . .

Maybe it’s because one of my major life goals is to continue growing and learning that I find myself moving on every couple of years. Could be in a short amount of time I manage to grow as much as I can in my current location, though I have to believe I can never learn everything a certain place can provide the opportunities to master. Somehow I feel I can never learn everything there is to learn, no matter where I am. Thirst for knowledge? Yes!

Nevertheless, I confess to growing tired of being a rolling stone. I long for a “home” I can claim for the rest of my days. For one thing, my strength and energy levels are not what they once were. Back in 1986 my barely teenaged daughter and I packed the back of our hatchback full of boxes and began our migration from West Texas to Central Texas. Every couple of weekends we made the 325 mile (each direction) drive to load the car again. We actually managed to get everything we thought we had to have with us moved, one carload at a time.

Now I find I’m not even capable of loading the back of the car and taking the boxes a few miles to storage by myself. Not only that, but I’d be so hard-pressed to decide which of my things I have to have with me and what I can store that I am rendered almost unable even to begin the task. Does this mean I have become officially old, or merely that all my possessions are indispensible now? I prefer to fight the idea I have grown too old to make these kinds of decisions; yet, I must admit I probably haven’t managed to weed out all the unnecessary things from my life, so what gives?

I have to stop writing now, because I can tell there will be no suitable resolution to this post, let alone any forthcoming New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year, everyone. May you have a beautiful and bright 2011!

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