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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Kreativ Blogger Award"

Not really sure how this is supposed to work. I dont' really have anyone to pass it on to, but I got it, so I'm writing about it.

With this one comes Q/A …

When posting the award, list 7 of your favorite things, 7 of your favorite activities, and 7 things no one knows about you.

Okay then, I’ll give it a go but as long as I’ve been blogging, there may not be 7 things I’m willing to share that’s not already known. ;-)

Favorite Things:
1- Beading
2- Writing
3- Art
4- Music
5- Gorgeous Scenery
6- My daughter and grandkids
7- Chocolate (of course) , chai, a good salad

Favorite Activities: (hmm . . . second verse, close to same as the first . . .?)
1- Writing
2- Reading
3- Beading
4- Sleeping in late
5- Going to movies
6- Going to the mountains
7- Doing anything artistic/creative

Unknowns (at least largely unknown):
1- I have a phone phobia. I rarely pick it up even to call family.
2- I detest doctors
3- I have applied for disability
4- I'm an only child and a recluse
5- I wanted to be a movie star
6- I wanted to be a singer/dancer
7- I like reading spooky books at night

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