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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Review for The Bakery Murders: Challenge

MR Review
The Bakery Murders: Challenge - Book Two
by Charlotte Holley

The Bakery Murders: Challenge is the second book of the Actor’s Guild series and picks up just a short time after the events of the first book in the series, McCann’s Manor: Portal.

Liz Carr and Kim Henson agree to look into why there is a ghost haunting the local bakery but before they even get started the owner’s boyfriend is brutally murdered and the baker charged with the murder. But Liz and Kim think there is more going on and do not believe their friend is guilty. Something evil is again threatening Liz and Kim and once again they will have to use their wits and unique abilities to stay a step ahead of the murderer and remain alive themselves.

It takes a really sick and twisted mind to develop the evil diabolical monsters and plots running through this series -- I enjoyed every page!! In this second book, the reader is exposed to the secondary plot running behind each of the stories in the series. There is real evil at foot and the bad guy is escalating his schemes along with the attacks against Kim and Liz. While Liz and Kim are battling in the present, the men are off on their own mission through the portal to save the earth and discover their connection to the past and the mystery surrounding the portal contained in McCann’s Manor. It is like reading two completely different books at one time but the connections are obvious and the ending of this story leaves no doubt that there will be a third adventure where the main story lines will come together in a good versus evil battle for the world and their souls! I can’t wait for the third story.

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by Stevie B.

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