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Saturday, December 21, 2013

GSP's Last 13 Books of 2013, Alphabetically #2 and 3

 Child of the Dragon by Jeanne Guzman

 #gypsyshadow #fantasy #romance

Nichole Reid has spent the last ten years caring for her younger brother on a remote island off the eastern coast of Australia. As a storm rattles the foundation of her home, her destiny lands in her front yard.

Baltizar of the Waarheid clan escapes to protect his sister from persecution. Through stormy seas, he sees the light, in more ways than one, landing, literally on the front doorstep of the one destined to be his. He also finds assistance and the potential for love where there’d been only hatred and mistrust.

With the unexpected arrival of the Waarheids, Nichole learns tolerance for the clan who almost destroyed her life, patience for those who’ve hunted her kind, and love for a dragon she’d never thought to encounter.

When their serenity is threatened, Baltizar puts into motion a plan that will not only save the lives of his mate and her brother, but insure his sister’s life is spared as well. A plan that could end in his ultimate death.

Hearts are mended, love takes wing, and the future begins because of the whims of a child. The Child of the Dragon.

Word Count: 70000
Pages to Print: 199

Price: $5.99 (Also available in print)


Through stormy seas love takes wing, and the future begins on the whims of a child. The Child of the Dragon. Child of the Dragon, #3 of Dragon Hunters by Jeanne Guzman. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:

Equinox of the Dead by P. J. Caiden

#gypsyshadow #darkfantasy #horror

Equinox of The Dead features two classic tales of the zombie apocalypse. There are no supermen or clever survivalists within these pages; only average human beings who must fight for their lives as hordes of the living dead begin to converge upon the earth. Stories include; WATCHING THE WORLD END, which takes us into the home of Ben Matthews, a paraplegic, as he witnesses the beginning of a ghastly Armageddon through televised news casts. As the reports grow more and more horrific, panic begins to set in; but with phone lines down and no way to call for help, Ben’s only hope is to pray that the undead terror will bypass his area . . . But then the horror begins to unfold, right outside of his own front door. UNDER A BERRY BLUE SKY shows that love can drive us to do strange things, even during a zombie apocalypse.

Word Count:   16503

Pages to Print: 51

Price: #3.99

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/equinox-of-the-dead-p-j-caiden/1116840620                https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/354668

In the tradition of George A. Romero’s Night of The Living Dead comes Equinox of The Dead! Two short stories by P. J. Caiden. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:

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