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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book of the Day November 3

The Lady in the Loch by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

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When a woman’s bones are found in the icy dregs of the noxious Nor’ Loch, newly appointed sheriff of Edinburgh, Walter Scott, is called upon. Are these the remains of a drowned witch or religious heretic, or are they perhaps linked to something more recent and sinister? For although Edinburgh is known to be the center of literature, science, and medicine, it is also the haunt of body snatchers who prey upon the living and the dead alike, selling their victims for study by the student physicians at the medical school.

When a band of Travelling People is forced to winter near the city, two young women are taken, one from her bed while she sleeps near her family. Justice from the settled people is rarely accorded to gypsies and the Travellers fear they will be murdered one by one by the ghouls stalking their people.

A young gypsy named Midge Margret is sure that Scott will care.  He befriended her family before and once more he promises to help find the murderer who prowls the snowy forest in a black coach. When a patchwork woman with supernatural strength begins hunting the streets as well, Scott and Midge Margret know the crimes are rooted in bloody dark magic. In order to catch the killer, the butchered victims themselves must testify.

Word Count: 75,500

Pages to Print: 231

Price: $5.99






Skillfully cross-stitching history, mystery and old-time urban legend . . . tension mounts steadily . . . an artful work. ——Publisher's Weekly The Lady in the Loch by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Available from Amazon, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:


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