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Sunday, October 20, 2013

GSP's Book of the Day October 20

The Eyes Have It by Denise Bartlett

#gypsyshadow #horror #mystery

Liza Casey called in to report a double homicide today. Sheriff Bobby Knowles had a high-school crush on Liza's mother, Elizabeth, who disappeared without a trace, years ago when Liza was young. Liza's life has been a maelstrom of tragedies, and this seems to be yet another one. But what is behind the latest report? Liza says it's the green-eyed monster.

Word Count: 3496

Pages to Print: 17

Price: $2.99 






What secrets does the green-eyed monster know? The Eyes Have It, a short story by Denise Bartlett. Available from Amazon, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:


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