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Friday, September 20, 2013

GSP's Book of the Day September 20

Strum Again? by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

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What started in the States ends in the States. The song-saving musicians are back home, with heads and hands full of songs they saved with the help of the Phantom Banjo, Lazarus. The soul-destroying devils haven’t given up on killing off the music though, along with everything else that’s maybe a little fun or keeps people human and sane.  Even the debauchery devil, AKA Torchy Burns, AKA Lulubelle Baker (of Lulubelle Baker’s Petroleum Puncher’s Palace in west Texas) AKA Lady Luck AKA, believe it or not, the Queen of Faerie, has fallen on hard times. Her fellow devils are willing to see her demoted to the lower levels of hell, where a girl can’t even get a decent mani-pedi. Her only hope is to convince one of the musicians--that would be Willie MacKai--to become her human sacrifice tithe to hell so she can get back her faerie kingdom. Once the magic banjo self-destructs, Willie decides to cooperate with Torchy. But the phone-in ghost of Sam Hawthorne and the music aren’t done with Willie yet, though it takes a ghost train full of cowboy poets and all of his friends to save him.

Word Count: 106,500

Pages to Print: 335

Price: $5.99


The cowboy they called Ute didn't look Native American, Shayla St. Michael thought, but then you never could tell . . . Strum Again?, Book Three of the Songkiller Saga by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Available from Amazon, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:

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