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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Book of the Day May 11

Calamity Jan and the Russian by Jan Pierson

When a 61-year-old woman marries a darkly handsome Russian physicist nine years her junior, East and West collide. This multicultural love affair brings it all together with some earthy explosions of humor when this ex-communist lands in her empty nest and makes menopause feel like the measles and “starting over,” close to facing Siberia with candle in one hand and Preparation H in the other. This true story of one woman’s journey into primitive Russia with a charismatic Russian lays the Orthodox groundwork for their return to America where he begins to set up his fiefdom in her house and her life. The May-December, intercultural challenges launch two lovers on a spirited dance (not Swan Lake), a dance familiar to men and women of every age and culture who struggle against obstacles and iron curtains because they still believe in Destiny, and dare to risk everything in order to find it.

Word Count: 60000
Pages to Print: 201/196 in Print 
Price: $4.99/ Also available in print for $13.99


This May-December, Russian-American love story launches two people on a spirited dance–not Swan Lake–because they still believe in Destiny, and dare to risk everything in order to find it. Calamity Jan and the Russian by Jan Pierson. Available from Amazon, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:


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