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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book of the Day April 14

Knights of the Narrow Gauge by DB Dakota

Knights of the Narrow Gauge is an account of each and every narrow gauge railroad that came and went from 1870 on in Colorado and surrounds. Twenty-one railroad lines, total. Meticulous, colorful, it’s about the innovative men who dreamed and built the impossible network. It acquaints us with the stouthearted Irish who operated the baby systems. It’s a one-source narrative, light, layman, non-academic narrative for train enthusiasts, who are plentiful and perennial. Racing across the plains, notching into mountainsides, the iron fingers of narrow gauge railroads flexed and slithered over alpine passes or poked holes through them and squeezed through the canyons of Colorado. Tough steel replaced rusting iron. The tracks of numerous three-foot wide railroads groped their way to new boomtowns in the Rockies. Freight trains and passenger trains, led by little iron ponies with peanut whistles, beckoned the pioneers to live beside them along the rivers and creeks.

Word Count: 7500
Pages to Print: 33
Price: $2.99

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