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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book of the Day March 3

Beneath the Surface by Steve Foreman

This is a collection of weird tales that scratch the surface of life to reveal both the supernatural and real horrors or unexpected events that can lie beneath.

A photo booth that predicts death, a computer programme with a horrific application, hauntings and ghost stories, morbid vampire humour, a radio that broadcasts momentous events past and yet to come, faint shades of H. P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, a splash of Ray Bradbury...

** A great collection of short stories about the paranormal and the unknown, often with a sting in the tale. Perfect for dipping in and out of, or settling down for a binge read. Any fan of the Twilight Zone will love these stories!

Jessica Gregson, author of The Angel Makers and The Ice Cream Army. jessicagregson.co.uk

Word Count: 55000
Pages to Print: 181/210 
Price: 4.99

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