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Friday, February 8, 2013

Book of the Day February 8

The Seekers by Codi Bean

Alondra Ave’na is a Seeker, a vampire hunter for an organization called The Campaign. Alondra stands out among the other Seekers because she is a Dampeal—a Black American, half vampire, half human hybrid that occurs only every few hundred years. This day starts off like any other, explaining her world and how it works. Her vampire lover Sinjin, meets her after a hunt to deliver a message. The Board needs a word with her alone. The Board is the vampire’s governing system and in order for them to talk to her kind, they must request permission from the Campaign—and they didn’t. Sinjin tells her a vampire has awakened the fallen angel Azaziel and his seven captains. On top of everything else, Azaziel decides to pay Alondra a visit to let her know he has truly arrived. First, she must find the vampire who awakened Azaziel and kill him before he rouses the rest of Azaziel’s army. Then she must discover how to send Azaziel and his captains back to the darkness.

Word Count: 4,560
Pages to Print: 20
Price: $2.99

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