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Friday, February 22, 2013

Book of the Day February 22

 White Fire by Cody L. Stanford


By’yalt’r the faun is the new kid in town, but he picked a bad day to arrive. Gryphons attack the city and kill hundreds of people, but the gryphon who targets By’yalt’r can’t go through with the act. Now By’yalt’r scans the skies in fear of the gryphon’s return, and along the way finds friendship and acceptance before he finally learns what secret the gryphon has in store for him.

Word Count: 7700
Pages to Print: 33
Price: $3.99


Here's what we need you to do (Thanks in Advance!):

1. Login to Amazon
2. Click the link (under the picture)
3. By the title on Amazon there is a "like" button, click it. if you wish you can stop there, but if you want to help even more . . .
4. When you click and hover over the like button it says "share this link: via Email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest." Click one (two or all) of them and hit share, it should only take a couple of minutes.
5. Page down to the visible tags (Tags Customers Associate with This Product) and either click on the tags you agree with, agree with all the tags or, if you've read the book, add some tags of your own. The fastest way, of course is to click on the link that says "Agree with these tags?"
6. If you have read the book, please leave a brief review!

Amazon, for some unknown reason, keeps dropping the like button and has seemingly permanently deleted product tags, so unless you care to leave a review, there is no longer any way to help us get the word out about this book on Amazon. We encourage you to search for and buy it at Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, or on our Gypsy Shadow website and help our authors succeed, despite Amazon's bizarre treatment of authors and Indie publishers!

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