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Friday, February 1, 2013

Book of the Day February 1

The Heart and the Crown by Stephen. M. DeBock

Whenever the beautiful Princess Mallory so much as bats her eyes, all the knights in the kingdom take notice, but none so much as Sir Nicholas. Thus, when Mallory sweetly asks him to kill a dragon for her, he is eager to do her bidding.

Meanwhile, in the woods far from the castle lives a witch who also has reason to want the dragon killed: a dark purpose known only to her. Every day she sets out on a secret mission, leaving her poor servant girl to clean and cook and keep her hovel in repair.

The dragon, the servant girl, the witch, and the knight are all destined to meet in a battle for their lives, one in which the knight will discover that things are not always as they appear—not even his adored Princess Mallory.

Word Count: 8400
Pages to Print: 30 
Price: $3.99

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