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Monday, January 7, 2013

Book of the Day January 7

Tarrah's Dream by Shiloh Darke

For centuries, Bastian, the second brother cursed to live as a Gargoyle, has wished for an end to his imprisonment, but no rescue has come. He has resigned himself to his fate. He even tells himself he doesn’t mind it, because, during the light of day for the past several years, he has discovered freedom in his dreams. In them, he has come to know, and love, a woman he believes, is too good to be real.

Tarrah has been invited by her best friend, Rachel, to move to France for as long as she likes. Between working a job she hates for a boss she despises, and the fact she has always wanted to be in France, the decision is an easy one for her to make. Why? Because she just knows the man of her dreams is there. He’s just too good to be a figment of her imagination. Isn’t he?

Neither realizes what fate has in store for them. Neither knows the test they must pass in order to be together. Will love prevail and give them the happy ending they desperately need and deserve? Or will the test prove to be too much for their fragile love?

Word Count: 12,395
Pages to Print: 53
Price: $3.99

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