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Friday, January 25, 2013

Book of the Day January 25

The Form of Eternity by Shiloh Darke

Copper is a headstrong, fiery redhead with the power to move things with her mind and a distrust of anything male. She’s been hurt before and she doesn’t trust them not to hurt her again. She works hard to keep any man who may try to worm his way into her life at a distance.

When she meets Keltan, a Native American shape-shifting Eternal, she knows instinctively she will have to stay far, far away from him because just being near him makes fire coarse through her veins.

Keltan knows when he first sees Copper, she is the woman he’s meant to spend Eternity with. But he finds her resistance to his attempts to form a connection tormenting. Then, the choice to leave her to her solitude is taken from him as an ancient enemy to his ancestors decides to target the woman he loves.

Can she find a way to trust him? Can he prove to her the love they feel isn’t fleeting? More to the point, can they battle this evil without losing each other?

Word Count: 71,000
Pages to Print: 219
Price: $ 5.99

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