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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book of the Day December 26

Shirr-ha: First Lessons by M. Shalimar

ADULTS ONLY! Kidnapped from her home in the dead of night by savages of the Kilmayar, Shirr-ha is taken and delivered as the prize of the powerful hybrid warrior-king Maltar. But that isn't the end of it, for in the morning, she is escorted into a realm of fantasy and seduction by two of Maltar's concubines to begin her sensual training. Shirr-ha must do whatever Kayiera and Reyella tell her, a prospect she finds both titillating and frightening . . . until she sees the young slave Daeson and becomes the dessert at the feast table Kayiera has had prepared. With her senses reeling, Shirr-ha abandons all propriety and modesty as she succumbs to Daeson's touch in full view of Kayiera and Reyella, but what will be the outcome of her wanton actions?

Word Count: 6182
Pages to Print: 23
Price: $2.99 

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