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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Book of the Day November 3

Journey to Absentia by Samuel R. George

Marvel to the flight of a glider piloted by a pick-pocketing, cigar-smoking chimpanzee. Meet a giant unknown variety of lizard that drinks absinthe. Find out How the Peyote Kid got his name. Follow Smith and Jones as they flee from killers, and then pursue them in an adventure about gold, ancient Sumerian cuneiform seals, and alien crystals. Witness the light-hearted adventure of Romulus; a pet vulture, Kanthaka; a spirited Shetland pony, and Doc’s often belligerent gelding, Herodotus. You will become friends with a child who makes horses dance, witness loud smoky gunfights, meet the rich and mysterious Comte de Saint-Germaine; follow the adventures of Old Doc, his sidekick the Peyote Kid, and the woman Doc loves, Miss Charlotte. Thrill to amazing escapes from dangerous situations and bad men, but beware; you will encounter hopeless calamities in which the outcome is not always favorable . . .


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