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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book of the Day October 16

From the Dark Side of the Moon by Cairol Dawson

As a poem speaks and breathes life, Cairol Dawson’s poems are moments lived the best way possible and captured in the best possible form and language. But unlike journal entries, her poems do not merely preserve experiences, rather they continue to be in the ever-present, moments not framed in the past, but living in the here and now, echoing in the very same space as the reader who reads them. Indeed, magic.

How can one, with the logic of science, explain for instance the experience that can be derived from the poem, “Per l’amore de la luna” (for love of the moon)? Absolutely brilliant in its conception in words and a mind’s eye.

The poem does not care what country you are in and in what time. It’s there, a cupped magnificence on the palm of the page, yes, like the image of the moon reflected on till waters. There is simply no explaining. It’s simply there, existing in its own magical hour, to be loved.


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