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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Books of the Day September 15-16

Black Widow by Sheila Deeth

History records a British queen Boudicca in 60 AD leading the Celtic tribes against Rome after her daughters were denied their inheritance. Meanwhile, legend tells of Joseph of Arimathea bringing the Holy Grail to Britain’s shores. Black Widow combines legend, history, faith and fantasy, in a tale of Boudicca’s sister, enamored with visions of a strange blue man with mystical powers. As Romans bring their peace and laws, the stranger inspires the Iceni to compromise. And as Joseph brings his foreign god, the stranger seeks a balance between old and new. But when all is lost, love turns sour and the lonely princess weaves a web of deceit to draw her lover back, plotting vengeance through the passage of years and generations.


Blood Curse by Tamara Lowery

 Known as Bloody Vik Brandee, Viktor Brandewyne had a reputation as a bloodthirsty pirate. The world would soon learn just how bloodthirsty he had become. Thanks to the vengeful curse of a powerful witch, he had become a vampire. However, since he was cursed, rather than bitten, he was not vulnerable to daylight or holy items. As curses went, he didn’t think it was all that bad, until Mother Celie, his foster mother and a witch in her own right, informed him that the curse would eventually destroy him. Now he finds himself in a race against time to find the seven Sisters of Power and gain some of their magic in order to survive the curse. He is aided in his quest by Hezekiah Grimm, his first mate; Belladonna, a siren and sea witch; and Lazarus, a creature that is sometimes a cat and sometimes a raven.


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