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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book of the Day September 11

Beauty Unveiled by Sarah Deckard

Veronica was born with a hunched back, for which she is ostracized by other children. She grows up playing in her parents’ backyard with animals as her only companions. In adolescence, she breaks her leg. The doctor who attends her has a daughter, Elayne, who becomes friends with Veronica while she is healing. Over the years, Elayne and Veronica become best friends, although Veronica remains hidden from formal society. One day, Elayne gets an invitation to a royal masquerade that Veronica longs to go to. Elayne hatches a plan that will allow Veronica to come to the event in a disguise which hides her back and leg. That night Veronica meets a prince. But will he accept her for her true self when he discovers that she is not what she appears to be?

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