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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book of the Day--August 29, 2012!

9 Tales O' Cats by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

In these stories a parade of fascinating felines tell tales of their lives. Guinevere's cat, Gray Jane, tells what really happened at Camelot from her cats' eye view atop the queen's canopy bed. An Egyptologist's cat, Shuttle, wards off a vengeful mummy by doing a favor for Bastet, the cat goddess. A Scottish cat, Tinkler Tam, stalks body snatchers through a gothic Edinburgh. Mu Mao the Magnificent, a bodhisattva cat who is the last tomcat in the world, searches for a mate in one story while in 3 others he assists his fellow felines during the transition to their next incarnations. A murdered cat named Mustard returns to avenge himself on his killer and protect his former household. The Old Soldier hero of a fairy tale discovers the secret of the 12 dancing princesses with the help of his trusty cat companion, Captain Shadow. These are the stories mother cats tell their kittens to provide them with role models, inspiring them to hold their heads and tails high.


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