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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Am I in Danger? Should I Worry?

I don't think so. I read on the Internet that this is a preamble to a demand for money, but I had to put it out there, just in case I turn up dead!

The following is a copy (verbatim) of the email I got this morning. One has to wonder what anyone could be thinking sending this kind of email if they weren't planning to attempt extortion. Funny thing about these pfishing emails and such is that I have absolutely nothing anyone could want. If they took over my identity, all they would get is a lot of beads and a WHOLE LOT of debt. The only ransom I could offer anyone is the residual sales on my patterns and the hope that SOMEDAY my books will start to really sell!

Here it is, folks, for your reading enjoyment . . .

Your calls are not safe
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:11 AM
From: "farcsx@hotmail.com"
To: farcsx@hotmail.com
Red Alert !!!

This is Puzzo Region head of the FARC NETWORK. I wish to let you
know that i have been paid by a client to assasinate you at
convenience, and i have signed a contract for this yesterday. I have
never met you before, but they gave me the full description of your i
dentity and contact which my boys have used to trace you.

The reason why they want you Dead is not disclosed to me as i was not allowed to know,but you are now not better that the dead ok.

My GUYS are now contantly watching you,they are following you home,
office, everywhere....., you go and they are waiting for my instruction to terminate you and they will strike at convenience.


LISTEN VERY WELL !!!, the Police cannot do much to help you out in this right now because you are being watched and any such attempt is very risky cause you will push us to terminate your life without option.

Your calls are not still safe. BYE for now!
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You REALLY gotta love the Internet!

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